Team Augmentation – A strategic approach to extend your team with skilled professionals

October 29, 2020

Identifying and hiring a resource involves many levels of challenges. Companies spend a lot of time, money and effort in order to onboard the right resource. But what if you can hire the required resource(s) in a click of a button? Yes, it is as easy as it sounds with our team augmentation services. 

A typical hiring process is a tedious task to be undertaken by a dedicated HR team and it involves the following processes. 

Identify –> Shortlist –> Interview Stage(s) –> Recruit –> Onboard –> Train

It is okay if you are a big organisation and can afford the time and effort you have spent on the resource before he/she can start contributing to the project. But how about SMEs who can not afford to do that? What would you do if you are working on a stringent budget and timeline for your product? 

If you are one among them, it is high time to consider staff/team augmentation services. 

Staff Augmentation Services

In simple words, it is a marketplace to find the required resource at a fixed budget for your next big project. The service provides a ton of benefits that we are going to discuss below but they most importantly, enable small and medium businesses to save costs and time. 

The resources come with ample experience, required list of skills, professionalism and above all, work as part of your existing team. 

Imagine a marketplace where you can find resources with specific skills on software, cloud or DevOps domains with 1 to many years of experience that your project demands are readily available. All you have to do is cherry-pick them, pay hourly or monthly and they work alongside your team from the very next day onwards.

Not only that, but you can also fill in various roles from project managers, team leads to software / DevOps engineers just like that. Sounds too good to be true! Isn’t it? 

We understand that! What we do to enrich your experience of onboarding the right resource is, we do all the groundwork for you. We carefully scrutinize, filter out and cherry-pick the resources and validate their authenticity in terms of skills, experience and knowledge. Having gone through these multi-phased filtering process and come out flying is a pretty good, adequate accomplishment to go directly into our clients’ projects. Liked what you have heard so far?

I am sure you would be wondering what is the exact process to get them on-board and how much do they cost by now! We’ll dive into those specifics in our next section.

How does it work?

It is indeed a very simple process (yes, you read that right!) and all you need to have handy is – what skills you want, how many years of experience and how many of them, in order to fasten the process further.

Once we understand your project specifications, we analyze our database to identify the best fit candidate for your project. We keep in mind the required skills, level of experience, budget and availability in our backend process and the ones we provide to you are assured to fit in your requirements. 

The next step would be for you to handpick the most suitable resource for your project. Before you ask, yes, you also get to interview them before hiring them into your team. 

Types of resources available

The range and type of resources you can expect to see with us is sure to beat your expectations. 

We offer 2 options at this stage. Our clients get to choose from a team of resources if you don’t already have a team and you are a very small team OR you can hire individual resources to fit inside your existing team. 

Whether you want an individual technical project manager or a project manager with a team of software engineers, you are assured to find what you need with us. 

Also, it is worth noting that they are remote and they are global resources. Our candidates are mostly from India, Philippines and Vietnam. Fear not! We ensure they speak your language, have good communication skills and most importantly, they work alongside you in your timezone. 

A glimpse of available Roles

What does it cost? 

As you would have expected, it varies depending on the skills and experience. But what we can assure you is they are competitively priced and are sure to save you at least half of what you spend on the local resources. 

Almost all of the businesses have adopted to work with remote resources in the current pandemic situation. Why not make use of it to save costs to your company?

We hate to beat around the bush and always try to be transparent in our processes. So here’s what you’d expect to pay for our remote resources. 

Our typical entry level software professionals cost starts from £12/hour and they would tick all the boxes above. 

How are we different to other online services?

Team Augmentation service has been a growing industry and there are online companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal to name a few offers global resources for solopreneurs and small businesses. They have certainly worked wonders for startups especially when they lack a specific skill(s). But there is no hiding to the fact that you and your dream idea are at risk when sharing them with unknown third parties, all relying on the virtue of the platform. 

If you are new to that domain where you are recruiting, then what most of the visitors do is go by the reviews and cost structure. What happens when the resource is not upto the mark and how sure are you that the NDA signed is being obliged? The risks are countless and are more than the benefit that you get from them. 

The service is easily scalable, flexible and secure whilst eliminating all possible risks

Now, think about having a locally registered company doing the same work on your behalf and provide the same lot of benefits. The advantage here is lack of risks. If you are not happy with the resource you find for whatever reason it may be, it is so easy to replace them with a better one. Your NDA is safe, timesheet is clearly maintained for you to see, customer service is just a call away. 

Hope you find the article both informative and useful and helped you understand the benefits of extending your team with global resources.

If you’d like to find more information on our services, get in touch with the team using the chat or click the button below now!

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